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If you are looking to find scrubs that are comfortable and will also complement you; you've come in the right direction. These scrubs are absolutely Phenomenal !! They are breathable and adjust to all body types; come in many colors as well. Best part of it all is that I can customize your scrubs to fit your title/personality and so forth. If you are a nurse, doctor, dental office, nail tech, esthetician, hair dresser, etc. As we're all very proud of our professions and our hard work why not represent in a manner that suites you. This look gives you the professional yet classy and comfortable vibe. We were all born to be great so let's take the time to acknowledge our greatness. 

DeAsia K.

Meet The


My name is DeAsia Kendall, I am the owner of BrN2BgR8 LLC. I'm currently an LPN transitioning to RN. I started this business a year ago because I wanted us women no matter what profession we're in to feel comfortable. During my career I've seen multiple body types and brands of scrubs that were eye catching from material to the design. I wanted my scrubs to be that exact way with a combination of both comfort and classiness. We all know how a day can go whether in medical profession or any form a business that requires a uniform. Long day you're ready to snatch off your uniform, shower and head to bed  (I know I do, Whew !) Lol. The level of comfort these scrubs bring, you wouldn't want to snatch them off once you returned home regardless of what kind of day you may have experienced.. 

Want scrubs on demand ?

Considering Preordering 

If you would like a certain amount of scrubs supplied to you on a regular basis or are a frequent customer. Place your order for the amount of scrubs you may need and they will be reserved for you. Please note this is a first come first serve unless your are a Priority Member.

The Ultimate Scrub Package

  • Embroidery Customizations for all products.

  • Place your name, title , business and more. 

Contact for more detail and place request of color thread, decal , name etc.

 Priority Membership !

Sign up and become a Priority Member

This lovely feature consists of priority on orders and delivery. *Pricing varies per state*

Contact for more detail

  • Scrub Sets

  • Additional fees if requested embroidery service.

  • Current available colors Black and Navy

Contact Us


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If you have any questions in regards to your orders, previous orders and or future orders, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will respond within 24-48 hours. Please note all embroidered items are final. Thank you for supporting my small business, hope to continue to serve you in the near future ! 

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